Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Passion Writer

In 2011, a clever entitled song, Honey and the Bee, was released by Owl City AKA Adam Young. One line from it sums up my latest novel in both contempt and theme. Young sings, “There’s something about you that makes me feel alive.” I get chills even reading this to myself. How did he know this will be the emotions I would portray to my two main characters in Ambience as they juggle life, choices, and the discover that life is worth living till it’s fullest when you find that love is real?

Though Ambience was something first imagined back in August 2009, through many revisions and death threats from me to end the project, I saw it through. Along the way, I grew up and can honestly admit after much thought, I found that I learned more from writing three novels about writing then I ever did receiving my four year degree, in English Literature nonetheless. I read and wrote, read and ignored. Yes, lots of ignoring. Lots of, ‘I just want to give up because who will ever want to read this’.

But then I thought, Wait!? I want to read this. I discovered that the most important reader a writer will ever have is themselves. Writers write what they would like to read, if not what are you doing trying to write a book not even you will read? Its true and the moment you figure that out, your doubts start to drift away. Though they’ll always linger around, look those Christmas tree pine needles that show up months after the holidays has past and no matter what you do they stick around. So I say embrace them, maybe even have a good cry with them.

Writing and life are a journey, a lone adventure only you can see through to the end. It’s hard when you see others doing what you know have the right to be doing as well, but don’t give up. If you really want this life, see it through. Explore the world, discover your fears and relish in the impossible. Be fearless and weak. You’re only human and one that knows that zeal takes years to mature, that growing up must happen in order to be the person you daydream about.

Be a Passion Writer.

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