About Me

The Castillo de San Marcos
April 1999
Christina Marie Morales lives in Saint Augusitne, Florida and has been to Disney World more times then she can remember. Her love for St. Augustine and its ghosts took a few years to mature, for a field trip in the fourth grade to the ancient city, had her encounter a presence that scared her away for years. When not exploring the streets of the nation’s oldest city, one can find her climbing the lighthouse or seeking out more ghostly tales, sometimes even doing both. In fall 2011, she received her BA in English from Florida Atlantic University.

Ripley's Believe it or Not!
April 1999

Five Random Things About Christina

1.  Moved Saint Augustine by myself for of its awesomeness and to collect bundles of ghostly happenings in the nation’s oldest city.

2. Though I write about ghost stories, I still get a bit freaked out by them. Case in point, when lights start flashing in the middle of the night when I’m sitting on my couch watching Ghost Adventures on my laptop. Still gives me goose bumps.

3. A vegetarian since kindergarten, personal choice and one my parents still don’t support, but also a very picky eater since I’m lactose, soy, and egg intolerant. Yeah the last part blows when your sisters want to go to Cold Stone and you have to sit there and watch them. 

4. Few years back feel in love with Frank O’Hara’s, Having A Coke with You poem that I memorized word for word in less than a week and hope to include it in my wedding vows when I someday get married.

5. "I can’t fall asleep because I have inspiring ideas constantly scraping the inside of my head, I can’t soften or quiet my mind and I end up lying there doing nothing. When you know you have to get up early, you end up staying up later than you would have otherwise because it’s all mental. People think insomniacs are wired and wide-awake all the time… not the case. We are always tired, we merely have a hard time allowing ourselves to spend the amount of time in “low gear” necessary to allow body and rest to meet. We have loud thoughts, ruthless minds."
-Adam Young-