Friday, December 27, 2013

Bye 2013, Hello 2014

Stay tune for updates on book 2, Impression on The Ghost of Saint Augustine Trilogy on my Facebook page @ghostofsaintaugustine and early January I'll having a contest, including bookmarks,  Saint Augustine magnets and postcards, plus much more. Stay tune!

To celebrate the release of AMBIENCE, the eBook will be listed at $0.99 till January 1st, 2014 before going up to its listed price of $2.99.

BONUS: If you read and love AMBIENCE and want a bookmark, all you have to do is leave a 20 or more word review on Amazon or Goodreads and message me privately on FACEBOOK@fearislove or Goodreads@christinamorales and I will mail you a signed bookmark!





A kiss. How life changing could it be? Love. Oh what tragic endings will it bring?

Never could Augusto have imagined that a simple stumble of another one would forever change his long, dull life. He’s a cursed man, one who’s left love to the meek minded and never grants it’s admission into his life. Nearly five hundred years ago he was killed and cursed for the sins of others, granting him immorality as a ghostly hybrid of a man and chained to an existence that could only end when he sheds the blood of his one true love.

Never has he known love, the warmness of a woman, the ecstasy of unfathomable yearning.

Then Jennifer materializes.

He knows he shouldn’t get close. Nothing could ever be real with her when he wasn’t tangible himself. He was a damned man, trapped in an ancient city where love has no place to call home and a past that will do anything to keep him alone and cursed forever.

A kiss though, oh what fools we are when entangled in a kiss.

AMBIENCE is the first novel of The Ghost of Saint Augustine Trilogy, a duel narrative New Adult Paranormal novel set in Saint Augustine, Florida. The city’s history attracts millions of visitors annually from all over the world, lured by the sense of discovering a uniquely historical and haunted part of America.

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