Monday, December 17, 2012

12-14-12 and the Writer

It is my belief that children shouldn't go to school in fear of never coming home. Though I am not a parent et, my heart was broken this past Friday for those in Connecticut who will never see middle school, go to prom, and cry when there folks drop them off on their first day in college.
Twenty little innocent souls are in heaven tonight, no longer in pain or fear. Six adults who saved countless children, putting their lives on the line to save a parent’s whole world. No words can comfort anyone of those parents ever again for we are human and were made to never forget. And may we never forget of the events that took place on 12/14/12, for all those lost that tragic Friday will forever be alive in every soul they've ever encountered and the millions that have heard of their lives and deaths.
 You will always be alive, Charlotte Bacon, 6, Daniel Barden, 7, Rachel Davino, 29, Olivia Rose Engel, 6, Josephine Gay, 7, Ana Grace Marquez-Greene, 6, Dylan Hockley, 6, Dawn Hocksprung, 47, Madeleine F Hsu, 6, Catherine V Hubbard, 6, Chase Kowalski, 7, Jesse Lewis, 6, James Mattioli, 6, Grace McDonnell, 7, Anne Marie Murphy, 52, Emilie Parker, 6, Jack Pinto, 6, Noah Pozner, 6, Caroline Previdi, 6, Jessica Rekos, 6, Avielle Richman, 6, Lauren Rousseau, 30, Mary Sherlach, 56, Victoria Soto, 27, Benjamin Wheeler, 6, Allison N Wyatt, 6, bubbly smiles and pink cheeks, colorful works of arts and handcrafted birthday cards, in our memories.


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